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Open Counsel provides barristers for expert legal advice and representation. It was created by barrister Ousman Noor in November 2014.

Our goal is to provide members of the public with access to the highest levels of legal expertise. Ousman Noor has several years experience as a practising barrister and represents in all levels of court around the country in a diverse range of legal fields. He has developed a solid understanding of law and procedure and a reputation from forceful and persuasive advocacy.

Through Open Counsel members of the public are able to instruct our barristers to represent in their legal matter. This may include drafting correspondence, preparing grounds of appeal, drafting claim forms, witness statements and skeleton arguments or representing your interests in court.

Open Counsel prides itself on being an affordable service. This is achieved by minimising costs and providing the public with a direct service straight to an expert barrister without any middle-men. A guide of fees can be found by clicking on the ‘Fees’ section of this website.