Alleged Secret Monitoring: Google in Court to Stop Legal Action

Google has now challenged a decision made by a High Court judge in January claiming that UK courts were not the appropriate jurisdiction against the charges.

A group of more than 100 people known as Safari users headed by Marc Bradshaw and Robert Hann, who are both IT security company directors, claimed that Google bypassed security settings and breached their privacy.

The technical term used to define the monitoring of users Safari browser is “Clandestine”. According to the filed case, Google’s tracking and collation of internet usage has caused distress amongst UK users.

On the other hand, the internet giant has filed an appeal saying that dissatisfied users of the Apple Safari internet browser should have launched their claims for misuse of private information in the United States, where Google is based.

Earlier this year, a similar case was dismissed in its entirety in the US and the legal representatives of Google still don’t think that this case meets the standards required in the UK for it to go to trial.

The case is of great significance because the Court of Appeal hearing will decide whether British consumers actually have any right to hold Google to account in this country.


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