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family iconFamily law disputes can very often be highly stressful and emotional experiences. It is important to have an expert Family lawyer to advise and represent you throughout such proceedings to be able to have clinical and precise representations made on your behalf. These proceedings can include contact orders for children, child care proceedings, non-molestation and prohibitory steps orders, divorce, marriage and financial remedies upon the dissolution of marriage. Open Counsel has strong experience in dealing with a diverse range of family law matters and our divorce lawyers can provide expert advice and representation throughout your proceedings. We operate a transparent fee structure so that you will have no unwanted surprises in your bill. There are tons of family solicitors in London but the high success rate backed by experience make our family lawyers stand out.

Our Specialisms Include:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Matrimonial
  • Financial settlements ( Cohabitation, Divorcement and Death )
  • Domestic violence
  • Property disputes
  • Child custody/Abduction
  • Inheritance
  • Injunction
  • Non-Molestation Orders


Our Barristers Why Us?





Consultation – 30 Mins


- If you are unsure about your legal position, want advice on the merits of your case or an opinion on what next steps to take we recommend that you book a consultation with our family lawyer in London. In this consultation you are guaranteed a minimum of 30 minutes of advice directly from an expert barrister. Often this advice will provide you with everything you need to continue alone. Alternatively, at the end of your conference you may request a quote from your family barrister on completing any further advice, drafting or representation for your case

Family law cases may involve divorce, children proceedings and financial proceedings. These cases can be extremely complex and it is necessary to have a proper understanding of the law and procedure to maximise success. Open Counsel provides the services of highly experience divorce lawyers and family law barristers in London as well as other cities.

£160/£80 per hour - Case preparation involves drafting witness statements, skeleton arguments, grounds of appeal, orders and communications with the opposition or courts. Case preparation is the most crucial aspect of victory in court. You don’t need to go through a divorce solicitor to reach us. £160 will be charged for each hour a barrister is required to work on your case and £80 per hour a legal assistant is required. Open Counsel will inform you up-front how many hours will be required so that a fixed quote is provided before work begins
£400 - Directions hearings are very important to the outcome of cases as they often determine what types of evidence are to be admitted before a full hearing and how costs are to be managed. This quote includes representation at the hearing plus 1 hour case preparation. If more than 1 hour is required then this will be calculated before the fee is agreed.
£700 - Many full hearings will be listed for half a day and will likely include examination and cross examination of witnesses and closing speeches. Our fee includes representation at the hearing plus 2 hours case preparation. If more than 2 hours is required then this will be calculated before the fee is agreed. 
£1000 - Full hearings are often listed for a full day where there are several witnesses and closing speeches to get through. This fee includes representation at the hearing plus 3 hours case preparation. If more than 3 hours is required then this will be calculated before the fee is agreed.