Crackdown on Computer Hackers: Four Arrested in UK

Fifteen suspects have been arrested in an international operation launched against computer hackers throughout the region. Four people were arrested in Britain whereas 11 others in Estonia, France, Romania, Latvia, Italy and Norway.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) led the raids in different parts of the UK to arrest the cyber criminals involved in computer hijacking and data stealing by use of malware tools.

According to the police sources, the hackers gain control of computers, meaning they can access banking details and breach users’ privacy.

Computer hackers are thought to be involved in several financial offences which include bank frauds, embezzlement, identity theft, forgery and credit card frauds.

This international crackdown was co-ordinated through Europol, and the law enforcement agencies of the UK responded effectively.

Earlier this year, almost 100 people were arrested as a result of co-ordinated crackdown against trojan producing Blackshades malware.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has warned that hundreds of private webcams can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

The National Crime Agency advise PC users to avoid clicking on unknown links, or files sent from unidentified or suspicious sources, and to keep security software up to date in order to avoid any attempt of hacking.


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