Domestic Abuse against Women at its Worst for more than 30 years

According to the latest figures revealed by Scotland Yard, the domestic abuse against women is at its worst level for more than 30 years. The report also suggests that a good majority of people are willing to tolerate the violence in one way or another.

The head of the Metropolitan Police, Christine Jones specifically pointed out towards the violent pornography and this rapidly growing culture in which girls were pressured into posting explicit images on social media, terming it as unacceptable attitude towards women.

The Met has identified almost 200 most dangerous domestic abusers and devised a tactic to deal with them. The Met officers will examine tax records, benefit claims and other aspects of an abuser’s life to find ways to prosecute those who might escape charges because their victim is too scared to testify.

Earlier this year another survey showed that nearly 5 million women or 30% of the adult female population have experienced some form of domestic abuse since age 16 across Wales and England.

Keeping in view these ever increasing incidents of sexual violence against women, the Metropolitan police have devised a strategy to confront offenders which includes providing better information to victims about the court process, bail decisions and other aspects of the justice system.

The new approach will also improve on the way in which the Met was carrying out some domestic abuse investigations in order to stamp out gang violence, tackle domestic abuse and protect vulnerable women and girls from sexual exploitation and domestic abuse.

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