Drink-Drive: Scotland Introduces Law to Cut the Legal Alcohol Limit

Scotland introduced a new law to reduce the legal alcohol limit from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood. The change has already come into the effect bringing Scotland into line with most of the EU countries.

According to the statistics, one in every 10 road traffic deaths involve the factor of alcohol consumption. The drink-drive limit reduction will surely improve the safety and cut the number of death and serious injuries on Scottish roads.

Following Scotland’s example, Northern Ireland is also considering some changes in the law to cut down legal alcohol limit. On the other hand, England and Wales have no plans to reduce the drink drive limit saying this would have no impact on the offenders.

Road safety campaigners have endorsed the changes in law and drivers are being alerted through a wide scale information campaign.

Currently, the higher alcohol limit in UK is 80mg which means that a driver could leave England under legal alcohol limit but once they enter into the borders of Scotland, they could be charged for breaking the law.


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