Government drops its proposal to raise divorce fee application

The government has decided to drop its proposal to increase the court fee required to apply for a divorce. The government had originally proposed to raise the court fee from £410 to £750, which received massive criticism from divorce solicitors and family law barristers.

The respondents who took part in the consultation did not agree with the government’s plan to increase the fee. According to the Ministry of Justice, the court fee for issuing a divorce was already above the estimated cost of the proceedings which sum up to £270 only.

Moreover, the respondents also argued that there was no compelling justification for an increase in the court fee. The proposed increase in the application fee for divorce was excessive and would deter people from seeking a divorce.

Some people find it hard to pay the current fee of £410. They would struggle even more to pay the increased fee which could result in people being trapped in unhappy or violent marriages or preventing people from forming new relationships.

Following a series of high level criticism from different respondents, the government will not implement the proposed increase to the divorce fee, which will be maintained at £410.


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