Immigration and Asylum: Net migration to UK increases by 43%

Latest figures reveal that the net migration to UK has increased by 43% over the past year surging it to 260,000 – an increase of 78,000 on the previous year.

The figure is calculated by taking away the number of people leaving the country from the number coming in. The report comes as a blow to Prime Minister David Cameroon and the anti-immigration U.K. Independence party, who want to curb the number of people coming to Britain.

The ruling Conservative Party set a target of reducing net annual immigration to 100,000 by the end end of their five-year term in 2015 which seems unlikely to be met. However, Home Secretary Theresa May defended the government saying that people are coming from across Europe mainly because UK’s economy is doing better than that of many European countries.

The statistics reveal that majority of people entering Britain are highly skilled and helping the economy of the country. The recent study showed that 60% of migrants from southern and western Europe arrived here with a university degree.

In the current political situation, Immigration, economy and NHS are ranked as the most important issues for the upcoming general election in 2015.


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