Immigration Bill 2014: Tougher on Illegal Immigrants

The Immigration Act 2014 has already come into effect. It has changed how the immigration system has been working in the United Kingdom for years. The new act is aimed to make things even tougher for the people living in UK illegally. According to statistics, the number of people who have overstayed their visa or are living in UK illegally has crossed 1.5 million.

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Some of the main aspects of the legislation are as follows:

1. The number of decisions that can be appealed has been cut down from 17 to 4.

2. If there is a risk of serious irreversible harm, the new act allows return of individuals even before their appeals are heard.

3. The Act also gives powers to check the immigration status of driving license applicants.

4. It has authorities the concerned authorities to clamp down on people who try to gain immigration advantage by entering into sham marriages

5. The new act also requires landlords to check the immigration status of the tenants to avoid private rented housing for illegal immigrants

6. Temporary migrants with time limited immigration status will be charged for using National Health Service

Besides these, the Immigrations Act 2014 allows the deprivation of naturalised citizenship if the conduct of certain individuals are considered to be seriously prejudice to the interest of UK. If summed up briefly, the new act has given greater powers to Border Force, Immigration Enforcement and UK Visas & Immigration to undertake their work. The Immigration Act 2014 is fairer to British citizens and legitimate migrants and tougher on those with no right to be here.

If you would like further information on how the Immigration Act 2014 may affect you please contact us and our expert barristers will guide you with exquisite legal advice.


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