Legal Highs Can Kill: Government Vows to Ban Sale of Psychoactive Substances

In the last four years, death from legal highs have more than doubled – from 26 in 2009 to over 60 in 2013. Several warnings have been issued about the danger of taking psychoactive substances also known as legal highs but to no avail.

Government is now looking to introduce a ban on the marketing, sale and distribution of all the potentially lethal substances. The republic of Ireland banned all psychoactive substances four years ago and serve as a good model to be followed.

So far, 400 councils under banner of the Local Government Association (LGA) have urged the government to overhaul the law.

Reports suggest that the effect of some of these legal highs are more dangerous than the drugs already banned. Drugs minister Norman Baker remarked that it was time to tackle this threat and protect the young generation.

Psychoactive substances or the so called legal highs fall into three main categories: stimulants, sedatives and hallucinogens. Once this proposed law comes into effect, all psychoactive drugs will be banned with the exception of alcohol and caffeine.


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