Lesbian and Gay Asylum Seekers face Stereotypical Sexual Questions

Gays and Lesbian Asylum seekers are subjected to inappropriate and explicit questions about their sexuality by the Home Office. This was revealed after an investigation was carried out by Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration Agency.

The author of the report, John Vine, after reviewing 112 interviews of gay and lesbian asylum seekers concluded that upto 12% of those interviews included intrusive or unsatisfactory questions. He said such questions were twice as likely to be asked in cases involving those who had been detained as part of the fast-track asylum process.

Earlier this year, the Home Office was condemned for degrading the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people with their unacceptable questioning.

The latest report suggests that the trend has not changed much as LGBT asylum seekers still face “unsatisfactory” questions from Home Office officials.

One gay interviewee was asked if he had less than 100 sexual partners, the implication being that average gay men have assignations numbering in the triple digits.

In another case, an asylum seeker was asked why he would claim to have sex every day when that is “not even normal in heterosexual relationships.”

A third man was asked why he would be in a relationship with a man, when there’s so much to be offered by heterosexual coupling.

Likewise, one lesbian reported that her feminine appearance had been a subject of questioning during the application process.

A home office spokesperson said they had accepted all of the Vine report’s recommendations, and have pledged to crack down on inappropriate questions, to respond quickly to complaints, and to improve training.


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