Pre-Charge Police Bail to be Limited to 28 Days

Home secretary, Theresa May revealed the proposal of limiting the police bail to a maximum of 28 days. She considers it to be the greatest reform in the legislation of police bail in the last 30 years.

Currently, there is no restriction on the amount of time that police can keep someone on pre-charge bail. There have been incidents where people were put on a bail for years but never charged.

According to the proposal, only a Justice of the Peace or officer with the rank of chief superintendent or higher can increase and approve a bail beyond 28 days. Campaigners, lawyers bodies and a number of newspapers have expressed their support for these reforms.

Reports suggest that 70,000 people are held on pre-charge bail with almost 5,000 restricted for more than six months in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The demand of reforms was led by the deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg during the cabinet talks.


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