Sex Change woman wins a legal battle after her family refused to accept her new gender

Gillian Simpson previously known as Gareth won a legal battle against her own family who who refused to accept her new identity after she changed sex.

Gillian, who started gender transition treatment in 2009 said that her family stopped her from wearing feminine accessories and clothes at family gatherings or home. Her parents refused to let her continue working at the family’s IT firm. She had been working in the capacity of director at the firm since 1992.

The legal battle started when Giliian sued her family for barring her from working at the family’s firm. Her family counter- sued over expenses such as loss of wages and non payment of loan. Eventually, the judge decided in favour of Gillian Simpson terming the dispute as “Incredibly sad case”.

Gillian Simpson hoped for a reconciliation with her family and all she wants is to be a part of the family again.


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