Supreme Court Challenges Councils' Decisions about Housing of Disabled People

Authorities at the local councils have continuously been deciding against treating the homeless disabled people on priority basis for rehousing.

The Supreme Court is now hearing a case where they will consider a number of decisions by local authorities regarding rehousing of the disabled people. The court will also look into the criteria on which homeless people are judged as ‘vulnerable’ enough for rehousing.

Housing charities along with many other organizations for homelessness will be presenting evidence to the court unveiling the disastrous effects of homelessness.

Reports suggest that certain councils have been ignoring the conditions of vulnerability such as physical disability, mental health and growing age while determining the priority needs.

According to the statistics, there has been a graduate increase in authorities decision to refuse the priority need for people with significant mental health problems.

Now that the Supreme Court is considering this issue, all eyes are fixed on the outcome of the hearing and its effects on housing applications for homeless people with disabilities.


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