UK's Biggest Sham Marriage Trial Collapses: Immigration Officers Accused of Serious Misconduct

The UK’s biggest sham marriage trial has collapsed dramatically after immigration officials were accused of lying under oath, concealing evidence and accessing ‘racist’ material on social media.

The trial of a vicar Nathan Ntege, who was accused of operating a fake marriage “conveyor belt” carrying out 492 sham marriages has been thrown out by the judge as a result of “serious misconduct” on the part of the investigating immigration officers.

The immigration officers were accused of tampering with and hiding the evidence, dishonesty and interfering with the investigation log. It is noteworthy that the judge, Nic Madge, questioned whether it was appropriate for officer Maggie Harkins to investigate the case after it was revealed she posted the slogan ‘Peppa Pig against Muslims’ on her Facebook page.

In his concluding remarks, the judge added that bad faith and misconduct by the investigation officers have tainted the case against Ntege and six other defendants. Moreover, he said that public faith in the criminal justice would be undermined if the trial were to continue.

On the other hand, Home Office spokesman told the news sources that collapse of this trial is an extremely disappointing end to a long investigation because thousands of pounds of taxpayers money had been wasted on the case.

It is not yet known whether there is to be a re-trial.


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