Unequal Pay for Women: ASDA Faces Mass Legal Action

Supermarket giant and U.K’s second largest retailer, ASDA could face legal action from thousands of mainly female employees who claim they have been underpaid despite doing comparable work.

The movement for legal action started earlier this year when more than 400 female employees at Asda launched a campaign against the supermarket around equal pay.

Since then, more than 19,000 employees have contacted law firms and enquired about equal pay. Consequently, 1500 employment tribunal claims have been lodged on behalf of individuals – around 80% of whom are current staff and the rest former workers.

Asda has 175,000 staff working across the stores in the country and if it loses the legal row, claimants may be entitled to six years’ worth of back pay to compensate for the difference in earnings.

The cases are aimed at determining if the mainly female-staffed retail jobs are of equal value to higher-paid jobs in Asda’s male-dominated distribution centres.

Asda denied it engages in discriminatory practices and insisted it treats all employees equally.
Talking to the news sources, an ASDA spokesman said, “We do not discriminate and are very proud of our record in this area which, if it comes to it, we will robustly defend.”

It is important to mention that the vast majority of claimants are still employed by Asda, they quite like the job but want to be paid equally going forward.


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